From what I’ve seen in church circles, the default response to sexual abuse is “I don’t believe you – It’s not his fault.” A new blog says we need to learn a new default: “I believe you – it’s not your fault.”

Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone has been on trial in Germany on $44m bribery charges. German prosecutors are now saying they will accept an offer of $100 million to end the trial and spare Ecclestone 10 years in jail. So, he gets to bribe his way out of a bribery charge!

Apparently we evangelicals have a persecution complex. Here’ we’re told that we have to wait until it gets to North Korea or Iraqi levels before we are allowed to squeal about it.

I’m still not sure if this is a parody or not, but seemingly it’s poor atheists who are being persecuted most in the US. But a new television channel, Atheist TV, is out to change that, calling for atheists to “come out” and demand equality. Jamila Bey from the Secular Student Alliance said “Many [atheists] were worried about being ostracised or were even scared of violence if they revealed they did not believe in God.”

It’s ironic to see Hollywood getting hammered for their “lack of diversity.” There were only 1.1% more black characters on the big screen than in 2007. Hispanics were “clearly the most underserved” racial or ethnic group. Although Hispanics make up 16% of the population, bought a quarter of all movie tickets in the US, and command about $1 trillion (£593m) in spending power, Hispanic actors played only 4.9% of speaking parts in 2013 blockbusters.

The report also found that Hispanic women were shown in “sexualised” portrayals more than any other ethnic group. More than 37% of Hispanic female characters were shown either naked or partially naked. The report suggested that this “illustrates how existing cultural stereotypes may still govern how characters from different backgrounds are shown on screen.”