Here’s a fascinating piece about Megyn Kelly’s success. The secret to her popularity? Old fashioned hard questioning of both sides. She reminds me of legendary BBC Newsnight interrogator Jeremy Paxman. See this video for his infamously excruciating cross-examination of Conservative Home Secretary Michael Howard where he asked the same question 12 times trying to get a straight answer. This incident dogged his career for many years after.

The Rise of Europe’s Religious Right is a lengthy and encouraging article about how the totalitarian push for abortion and more LGBT “rights” is backfiring as ordinary people rise up to defend the traditional family, the right to life, religious freedom and other basic moral standards. Although it is powered mainly by Roman Catholics, surely this is a sign of God’s common grace in not abandoning Europe to Sodom’s fate quite yet.

Jonathan Merrit accepts Mark Driscoll’s apology and says we should too. So does Scot Mcknight. But for maybe the second time in my life, I find myself agreeing with Rachel Held Evans whose comment you can read at the end of Scot’s blog. It’s primarily the direct victims who get to decide this and they need time and evidence of repentance.

According to a study cited at an Apple hearing last year by the subcommittee chairman, Senator Carl Levin, a Michigan Democrat, 30 of the largest American multinationals, with more than $160 billion in profits, “paid nothing in federal income taxes over a recent three-year period. Zero.” Read more in The Tax Dodge goes on. It’s slimy schemes like these that almost make you wish you were a Democrat.

And to cheer you up here are 33 Pictures Taken At Just The Right Moment.

  • Alastair Manderson

    Michael Howard went on to lead the Conservative Party in the 2005 general election where the party earned more votes in England than the Labour party of Tony Blair did.

    • David Murray

      Sorry, got my history wrong. I’ll edit that. Thanks.

  • David Kowalski

    Regarding Driscoll, I am disappointed when I hear people portray leader misconduct if it were merely an issue of personal forgiveness. Driscoll has never personally hurt me. The issue with people such as Driscoll is biblical, leadership qualifications yet I almost never hear this issue being considered.

  • Steven Birn

    Most of those company’s employees donate overwhelmingly to the Democrat Party. In fact, the Democrats did nothing about corporate tax loopholes when they controlled Congress and the White House. American corporate tax rates are ridiculously high, generally twice the rate in most Euro countries. The issue is that they’re full of loopholes, which the most successful and politically connected companies can lobby for or otherwise afford to pay accountants to find.