In this video, I talk about three pills that I recommend for every depressed person. They may need more than these three, but these three are at the foundation of many recoveries.

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  • Greg Lucas

    David, Well said! I always appreciate your godly, hopeful, biblical approach to dealing with depression. Thank you brother.

    • David Murray

      You’re welcome, Greg. Glad it is a blessing.

  • CPS

    Great stuff as usual, Dr. Murray! Perhaps the only thing I’d add from my own experience is that “fellowship” can be a problematic category for the depressed. I know it certainly was for me–during my darkest days, I was attending church and smaller fellowship meetings regularly, but was deceiving myself into thinking that ‘fellowship’ required nothing more than just showing up. As a result, I was growing more and more bitter and resentful, and it wasn’t until I spoke directly to my dear and wonderful pastor and got him personally involved with my situation that I was really able to begin healing. In my case, the way he simply met with me every couple of weeks or so, prayed for me and with me, and encouraged me to get back into Scripture (it’s amazing what a single Psalm every morning will do for the downhearted!) were *ENORMOUSLY* helpful and healing.