ED’S STORY Grateful from Flannel Staff on Vimeo.

Ed Dobson, retired pastor of Calvary Chapel in Grand Rapids, and Pastor Clifton Rhodes, developed a bond so strong over 20 years that they consider themselves brothers. That friendship has deepened even further as first Ed, then Clifton, developed ALS.

Two lines in particular stood out for me in this film:

Ed Dobson (6.32): In the Epistle, the verse says, “In everything give thanks,” not, “For everything give thanks.” I’m not thankful for ALS, but in the midst of it, I can be thankful.

Clifton Rhodes (7:18): My jar has got some cracks in it. Ed’s jar has some cracks in it, but the real treasure cannot be damaged.

  • Anon

    HOW is this the “solution to racial inequality”?? Does one friendship SOLVE such a reality? This title makes absolutely no sense, and maybe has a specific purpose of drawing traffic to your site.. Maybe it’s a joke, or a mix-up of titles and this was intended for something else, but I strongly suspect that your privilege as a white, Christian, heterosexual, upper/middle-class male has enabled ignorance on your part. The shame is that you are poorly representing other evangelicals who do engage critically with racial inequality.
    ps. I found the story beautiful and moving, but that’s not the point.

    • David Murray

      I’m sorry it wasn’t sufficiently clear. The solution I was referring to was empathy with suffering, personal friendship, and the Gospel – all multiplied by millions of people in everyday life. That would transform our society faster and deeper and longer than any other solution.

      • Flannel Steve


  • ANON

    Thanks for sharing!