The Adult Sunday School in my congregation just started a series of studies on R. C. Sproul’s classic book, The Holiness Of God. Each address is about 30 minutes long and deals with one chapter at a time. I give an introduction to the chapter, a summary outline of the chapter, and then some commentary on the chapter.

The first two sessions are below or you can access #1 here and #2 here, where you will also find a pdf handout for each lecture which provides an outline of each chapter. You can also download the handouts here (Chapter 1, Chapter 2). The audio improves significantly on the second recording.

The Holiness of God by R. C. Sproul: Chapter 1

The Holiness of God by R. C. Sproul: Chapter 2

The handouts have three sets of pages references. The first is to the white covered version of the Holiness of God, the second is the dark cover version, and the third refers to the Kindle location.