Here are a number of articles on disability and special needs I’ve collected over the last several years.

Let’s start our focus on disability with a couple of series from parents with special needs children. Then there are some articles grouped under Autism and Down Syndrome, before moving on to more general articles. Videos are marked with an *. [Catalog of other online resources here]


We See You, Calvin | En Route

Little Lamb | En Route

Little Chick | En Route

Real Talk with Kids | En Route

Place of Regret | En Route

Disability and the Gospel (1) | En Route

Disability and The Gospel (2) | En Route


Wrestling with an Angel: Great Grace In The Small Things of Life

Wrestling with an Angel: There is Hope!

Wrestling with an Angel: “Family” is Intentional; Not Always Conventional

Wrestling with an Angel: “I Will Not Let You Go”

Wrestling with an Angel: Indispensable


A Real Happily-Ever-After for Babies With Down Syndrome | Her.meneutics |

News Flash: Not Everyone With Down Syndrome Is Suffering | Her.meneutics |

A Generational Shift in Understanding Life With Down Syndrome – Theo Malekin – The Atlantic

How a child with Down’s syndrome can teach you about life

The Tragic Tie Between Abortion and Down Syndrome

DEAR FUTURE MOM | March 21 – World Down Syndrome Day *

Cathy McMorris Rodgers and the Politics of Down Syndrome | Her.meneutics |

Dear mom with a prenatal Down syndrome diagnosis

A Real Happily-Ever-After for Babies With Down Syndrome | Her.meneutics |


Five Things I’ve Learned from Kids with Autism | Desiring God

The Autistic Brain – Temple Grandin | Alex Chediak

A View From The Sycamore Tree: Communicating With Carly About Autism, God, and the Struggle to Touch the Intangible 

How My Son with Autism Transformed my Business | Amy Julia Becker

Six Ways You Can Help Families Facing Autism | True Woman

Woodstock Chimes Presents – Chimes for Autism: Tyler’s Story – YouTube *

Tapping the Potential – YouTube *

Dear ‘Daddy’ in Seat 16C | Shanell Mouland

Growing Up With an Autistic Brother in the 1990s – Matthew Moore – The Atlantic

The gospel and autism | The Briefing

What Asperger’s Is Like | The American Conservative *

Thinking about Autism from a Christian Perspective – Justin Taylor *


“I made them.” Some thoughts on God’s word and children with disabilities | The Works of God

12 Pillars of Faith for Parents of Special Needs’ Kids | Counseling One Another

Let No Special Need Hinder the Spread of the Gospel | TGC | The Gospel Coalition

Finding Hope for an Often-Fatal Genetic Disorder | Her.meneutics |

The Disabilities Dilemma | Challies Dot Com

Some Lessons From the Life of Johnny Farese by Jeffery Smith « Burning and Shining Light

Why it matters when we rub our bellies and say “so long as it’s healthy”. | Life Rearranged

True Woman | “God Only Gives Special Needs Children to Special People” (Or Does He?)

Disabilities and the Gospel: An Interview with Michael Beates by Nathan W. Bingham | Ligonier Ministries Blog

A blind man talks about what attracts him to a woman – 22 Words *

Amy Julia Becker: Missing Out on Beautiful

A Church without the Disabled Is a Disabled Church | Counseling One Another

The Struggles and Hopes of a Disabled Dad – Desiring God

Jack’s ALS Journey

Disability and Dads — Where Desperation Meets Delight – Desiring God

When Disability Hits Home by Nathan W. Bingham | Ligonier Ministries Blog *

The Unbearable Lightness of Being Shannon – R.C. Sproul Jr. *

Just Keep Pedaling – The Gospel Coalition Blog

God Is Up to Something – Desiring God

Disability and the Sovereign Goodness of God (Free eBook) – Desiring God

Disability and the Gospel: How God Uses Our Brokenness to Display His Grace – Justin Taylor

When Disability Hits Home | Joni and Friends *

I’m trying out something new. What do you think? « The Works of God

The unfortunate things people say (repeat) « The Works of God

Who is this God who creates some to live with disabilities (Exodus 4:11)? « The Works of God

What John Piper Has to Say About Disability – Desiring God

Her.meneutics: Disability Is Beautiful: How the Gospel Changes the Way We See

Battling the Bitterness of Parenting a Disabled Child – Desiring God

Invisible Needs | Leadership Journal

When the Anchor Holds: Or, Why I No Longer Say “God Didn’t Cause This Birth Defect in My Child” – Justin Taylor *

The Glory of God in the Valley of Disability – YouTube *

To Cade and the Eight Percent by Gabe Lyons

To my friends who face Christmas with an acute mingling of joy and sorrow « The Works of God

“That happens to be my place of healing.” « The Works of God

Grace | Permanent Things *

Let’s talk like this 8-year-old boy! « The Works of God

John Piper Interviews John Knight on Disability – Desiring God *

Is God Sovereign Over Human Disability? :: Desiring God

8 Ways to Help the Children Love Different People – Justin Taylor

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