In a sermon on How to Begin Every Day with God, based on the text, “My voice you shall hear in the morning, O Lord; In the morning I will direct it to you, and I will look up” (Psalm 5:3), Matthew Henry gives eight reasons why we should wake up with prayer.

1. The morning is the first part of the day, and it is fit that He that is the first should have the first and be first served.

2. In the morning we are fresh and lively, and in the right frame due to our spirits being refreshed by sleep.

“Worshipping God is work that requires the best powers of the soul, when they are at their best.”

3. In the morning we are most free from company and business, and ordinarily have the best opportunity for solitude and retirement.

4. In the morning we have received fresh mercies from God which we are concerned to acknowledge with thankfulness to His praise.

 ”Many lie down to sleep and never rise again – but we have slept and waked again, rested and refreshed.”

5. In the morning we have fresh matter ministered to us for adoration of the greatness and glory of God in the common good of the universe (Psalm 19).

“How many thousands of miles has the sun travelled this last night, to bring the light of the morning to us poor sinful wretches that justly might have been buried in the darkness of the night!”

6. In the morning we have, or should have had fresh thoughts of God and sweet meditations on his name, and these we ought to offer up to him in prayer.

7. In the morning we find cause to reflect upon many vain and sinful thoughts that have been in our minds in the night season; and it is necessary that we apply for the pardon of them.

“Dare we go abroad till we have renewed our repentance, which we are every night making new work for?”

8. In the morning we are addressing ourselves to the work of the day, and therefore are concerned by prayer to seek unto God for His presence and blessing.

“Pray for God’s presence and blessing…for our families…for wisdom to manage our callings…for opportunities to do good….for preservation from evil.”