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The 24 Hour Shutdown Experiment
Why is a community of Seventh Day Adventists living 70 miles east of Los Angeles living up to 10 years longer than most Americans? Although some follow a special diet and they all try to exercise regularly, their longevity is being traced primarily to their honoring of the Sabbath as a day or rest and worship. BBC journalist, Peter Bowes, reports:

Many Adventists told me that shutting down from sundown on Friday, for 24 hours, was the highlight of their week. It is a time when they close their minds to work to focus instead on their friends and family. Scientists believe that this period of rest may play a role, alongside diet and exercise, in promoting a long life.

In this article, Bowes reports on the outcome of his own trial “Sabbath.” See also The Sabbath Manifesto for a list of 10 principles aimed at carving out a weekly day of rest.

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