Weep and pray with me: Tullian Tchividjian Steps Down From Florida Megachurch After Admitting An Affair.

If you like your theology in narrative form, here’s a few stories with big theological takeaways. Learn about reconciliation in Reconciled After Five Years, learn about grace in When the Wages of Sin Is a Grandbaby, and learn about God’s sovereignty in God Stepped In, Says Debbie Dills, Who Spotted Alleged S.C. Killer and also in this God-magnifying interview with Dills on Fox News.

Related to this story, here’s an answer to a question that many have been asking, Do Psychotropic Drugs Cause Violence and Aggression? And Rick Philips has a deeply touching Reflections from an AME Prayer Vigil.

As many families wind down their happy father’s day celebrations, Calvin College professor digs back into painful memories to write about Fatherless Days. And ever heard of the The Proverbs 31 Man? Neither had I, but I want to be one now. Staying with the family, here’s the audio from the recent Reforming Families 2015 Conference held at the Creation Museum.

Lastly, asks Why Are So Many Christians Unhappy? Don’t know if this is connected but it could be: Michael Hyatt on 9 Reasons You Need More Fishing in Your Life.

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