paperbackfront_753x930 (5)God’s Mobile Home: Stories of Grace from the Tabernacle $1.99.

Most Bible reading plans founder towards the end of Exodus, and collapse after the first few chapters of Leviticus, as the stirring narratives of Genesis and the first half of Exodus give way to chapter after chapter of laws and regulations about the Tabernacle, it’s furniture, and its rituals. Preachers also tend to avoid these chapters like the plague because they are so hard to bring to “life” for a contemporary audience.

That’s where this short book comes in. God’s Mobile Home attempts to put real-life flesh and bones on the Bible’s teaching about the Tabernacle. Rooted in Scripture, it narrates how the words of Exodus and Leviticus translated into action in the ordinary lives of ordinary Israelites. It’s a story about the Tabernacle as seen through the eyes of a young Israelite girl, her family, and her favorite priest; a story that teaches a lot of theology, but does so in a way that young people and even children can understand. You can read a sample chapter here.

For those who want to go a bit deeper, there are study questions for each chapter that have been designed to lead readers further into the New Testament’s light on the Tabernacle.

I invite you to join Jerusha, Benjamin, Rachel, Abiel, Rouel, and Levi as the Tabernacle and its teaching about God and His grace come to life. May God’s Mobile Home bring God into the home of your heart. May He tabernacle with you, full of grace and truth.

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