I’ve published something like this before, but with new Seminarians now bedding down and veteran students struggling to get out of bed, this is a good time to remind you of the pros and cons of seminaries, and how to profit from them.

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Let’s start the seminary articles with a number of series from TGC, Desiring God, Servants of Grace, Everyday Theology, etc, then we’ll move on to individual articles.


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How To Keep The Seminary Christian (Part 1Part 2Part 3)


  1. Take the hardest classes.
  2. Learn the Languages.
  3. Take some professors who will teach you the art of exegesis, and others who will teach you the science.
  4. Be in ministry/don’t be in ministry.
  5. Take teachers, not classes.
  6. Concerning grades.
  7. Stay away from distance learning.
  8. Take teachers who will teach you a method.
  9. Go for depth and breadth.
  10. Seek out a mentor. 
  11. In sum: Love God and do as you please.


How to Stay Christian in Seminary (Crossway, 2014).


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You can browse my catalog of other online resources here. Scroll down that page to find resources like Top 500+ Online Resources on Preaching.