The Doctrines of Grace: By His Grace and For His Glory | Steve Lawson, Ligonier

Heir of All Things | Nick Batzig, Christward Collective
Re-focus your mind on what really matters.

Carl Trueman on How John Owen Speaks to the Most Pressing Pastoral Issue of Our Day | Justin Taylor, The Gospel Coalition
Trueman speaks to this in his foreword to Matthew Barrett and Michael Haykin’s new book, Owen on the Christian Life.

How to Use a Study Bible | Andy Naselli, Desiring God
A Study Bible can be a great help, but don’t let it think for you.

Bully Pulpit: Train Up a Child to Read | Mortification of Spin Podcast
Quality book and devotional recommendations for your little ones.

5 Things Adoptive Families Wish Their Churches Knew | Christina Fox, The Aquila Report
“Sometimes, because we don’t understand something, we may unwittingly ignore the challenges and hurdles adoptive families face. We may neglect to reach out and offer help and support. As a result, adoptive families are left feeling isolated in their churches. In the place where they ought to receive the most encouragement, they often feel the most alone.”

The Hidden Ministry of Motherhood | Elizabeth Wann, Desiring God
Moms, Jesus sees you and understands you.

Climate Change: Which Kind Are We Fighting For? | James Faris, Gentle Reformation
Thoughts on how we should use the earthly resources God has given us.

Is Capitalism Unchristian? | Kevin DeYoung, The Gospel Coalition

Sex and Campus | Mark Bauerlein, First Things
Mark addresses the findings from the recent survey by the Association of American Universities.

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Preaching to a Post-Everything World: Crafting Biblical Sermons That Connect with Our Culture by Zack Eswine ($2.51)


Secretary Clinton defends legal abortion through all nine months of pregnancy