How I Work: An Interview with Trevin Wax | TGC
See if you can pick up a tip or two from this hyper-productive creative.

Is Agape a Mystical Magical Word that Means God’s Sacrificial Gracious Love? | Pyromaniacs
“We know about God’s love, not by reading a study bible or a word-study or a lexicon, but by studying passages using and illustrating the term’s meaning, such as Romans 5:6-8 or Ephesians 2:4.”

Four Convictions for Boldness from John Knox | GCD
Part of the Family History series: “We want to connect the church’s current efforts to make, mature, and multiply disciples to its historical roots as well as encourage the church to learn from her rich past.”

How to be a Gentleman Scholar: Classroom Etiquette for the College Man
“First, classroom etiquette facilitates a positive and constructive learning environment for everyone — you, your classmates, and your professor. Second, practicing good manners in the classroom is a good way of practicing the manners and social skills necessary to thrive as an adult and as a professional in the working world. In short, good etiquette in college can help you make the most out of your education.”

The Bait and Switch of Same-Sex Marriage | Desiring God
With many magistrates refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples and many country clerks and justices of the peace resigning their positions, Nancy Peacrcey asks, “Is it going to become impossible for a Christian to hold public office in America?”

The Eight Kinds of Commenters in the Christian Blogosphere | First Things
Thankful that I don’t have any of these here at HeadHeartHand.

Kindle Books

The End of Reason: A Response to the New Atheists by Ravi Zacarias $1.99.

Running on Empty: The Gospel for Women in Ministry by Barbara Bancroft $1.99.

Reformed Means Missional: Following Jesus into the World by Sam Logan $2.51.

New Book

Redemption Accomplished and Applied by John Murray $9.99. New edition of a theological classic with a foreword by Carl Trueman. No Christian’s library is complete without this book. One of those books that should be read every year.


The Foundations Conference are hosting a conference in Kings College, New York from 15-17 December 2015. Speakers include Steve Lawson, Conrad Mbewe, and Joel Beeke. More details here. You might want to turn down your volume before watching this video.