Let the Children Come to Jesus | Credo Mag
The latest issue of online publication, Credo Mag, deals with children’s ministry.

What I learned from my gay co-worker | TGC
With so many Christians in similar positions every day, here’s an encouraging approach that has yielded positive results.

Books for Building Great Sentences | Tony Reinke
Advice for writers with some enticing book recommendations.

“So” is the new “Um” | Decker Communications
Find out what your fillers are. You can’t change a habit until you realize it’s there. Record a voicemail to yourself and then play it back. Take notes on what fillers you hear. Common fillers to watch for: “like,” “just,” “um,” “uh,” “actually,” “you know,” “honestly,” “literally,” and – of course – “so.”

America’s Growing Pessimism | The Atlantic
Americans are positive about the digital revolution and racial/ethnic diversity. But they’re negative about the education system, the rising number of seniors, big business, and political incompetence.

Biblical Counselors And State Regulations | BCC: Ed Welch

Recommended New Book

Transforming Homosexuality: What the Bible Says about Sexual Orientation and Change by Denny Burk and Heath Lambert. Such an important book for pastors.

Kindle Books

Keeping the Ten Commandments by J I Packer $2.99.

The Atonement by John Murray $0.99.

God’s Battalions by Rodney Stark $4.99. In God’s Battalions, distinguished scholar Rodney Stark argue that the Crusades were a justified war waged against Muslim terror and aggression.


J I Packer Interview
Here’s a good way to spend 15 minutes. Subjects covered include, cultivating Awe, Christian meditation and knowing Christ. See Mark’s new book, Knowing Christ.