Porn Use as Grounds for Divorce: How My Opinion Changed | Covenant Eyes
In the past, when asked if divorce could ever be a viable option for these women, my typical response has been a reluctant no. As much as my heart went out to these women trapped in horrific marriages, I simply didn’t see any biblical justification for divorce in situations of porn use. About a year ago I decided I was going to write my Master’s thesis about this topic and had intended to write a robust biblical defense of my position. I never imaged for a minute I would come to the opposite conclusion.”

Church, Stop Doing so Many Good Things | Prince on Preaching
“In most church situations you will do more by doing less.”

Recommended Resources on the Decalogue: Part 2 | Credo
And here’s part one.

My Top Ten Favorite Books on the Authority of Scripture | Canon Fodder
Michael Kruger’s annotated bibliography for the best books on the authority of Scripture.

Pastors and Their Bucket Lists | Zack Eswine
“It’s possible for ministry leaders to desire greatness in ways no different from anyone, anywhere in our culture. Attaching Jesus’s name to these desires doesn’t change the fact that they look just like the cravings of the world.”

Five Ways to Stop Spending Time Managing Time | Desiring God
“While in no way exhaustive, here are five applications Christians might employ for buying back time for the purposes for which they were given it by God.”

Is It Even Possible to Have a Christian View of Productivity? | What’s Best Next
Matt has re-launched his blog with a new look and focus.

Letter to the Catholic Academy | The New York Times
Ross Douthat declares war on liberal Roman Catholic professors.

Declining Student Resilience: A Serious Problem for Colleges | Psychology Today
College personnel everywhere are are struggling with students’ increased neediness.

Recommended New Book

Augustine on the Christian Life: Transformed by the Power of God by Gerald Bray.

Kindle Books

$30 off top of the line Kindle models here.

Pray for the Flock: Ministering God’s Grace Through Intercession by Brian Croft and Ryan Fullerton $3.99.

Comfort the Grieving: Ministering God’s Grace in Times of Loss by Paul Tautges $3.99.

Tributes to John Calvin: A Celebration of His Quincentenary $1.99.


Piano Guys + Scotland + Bagpipes = Lots of Tears
I was a pastor in this area of Scotland, Wester Ross, for almost five years. Brings back lots of memories.