Pray For Your Church: 31 Day Challenge | Mike Leake, Borrowed Light

The Internal Witness of Scripture | Nick Batzig, The Christward Collective
On the inerrancy and authority of scripture.

Why ‘Pastor-Scholar’ Is a False Dichotomy | Peter Beck, The Gospel Coalition
The third installment in TGC’s series on the “Pastor-Scholar.”

Catechizing Belief and Duty | Dustyn Eudaly, Place for Truth

10 Reasons Why You Should Underprogram Your Church | Jared Wilson, For The Church
A lot worth reading in the article. Consider reason #2: “Over-programming creates an illusion of fruitfulness that may just be busyness.”

The Gospel Remedy for Homosexuality by John Freeman | John Freeman,
“On this side of the fall, sex and sexuality are distorted to lesser or greater degrees. However, today there is controversy about homosexuality raging in evangelical circles and, increasingly, in Reformed churches as well. Not only is homosexuality often presented as good but it is also presented as something to be pursued with God’s blessing.” Freeman debunks this thinking and offers a Gospel-centered approach in this important article.

Welcoming Dr. R. Albert Mohler Jr. and Dr. Derek W.H. Thomas as Our Newest Teaching Fellows | Ligonier
Ligonier get another two first-round draft picks.

New Books

Practical Shepherding Series Complete Set edited by Brian Croft. This is quite the collection of pastoral theology.

Kindle Books

$20 off a few Kindle models today.

Christianity and Liberalism by Gresham Machen $0.99. Though old, it never seems to age. As relevant today as it ever was.

The God Who Is There: Finding Your Place in God’s Story by Don Carson $2.99.

The Ten Commandments: Still the Best Moral Code by Dennis Prager $1.49. Jewish academic and popular broadcaster Dennis Prager’s take on the 10 commandments.


Bevin’s Story
Matt Bevin was elected as Governor of Kentucky last week. He has a beautiful Christian testimony.