Some preaching-realted posts

How Spurgeon, Edwards and MLJ Structured Their Sermons. |

Paige Patterson: How I Preach | Homiletix 

The Essential Marks of a Preacher by Jason Allen | Reformed Theology Articles at

Pastor and Scholar? History Says Yes | TGC
Interview with Ligon Duncan about how he has balanced his different responsibilities.

And some further articles on the ISIS threat starting with two different emphasis from Ed Stetzer and Kevin DeYoung.

Immigration Policy Must be Based on More than an Appeal to Compassion | Kevin DeYoung

Love the Refugee With the Compassion Christ Has Shown You | The Exchange | Ed Stetzer

Should We Pray For ISIS to Be Defeated or Converted? | Russell Moore

And on the subject of prayer here’s Derek Thomas with a 5-Step Strategy to God-Centered Prayer.

New Book

The Songs of Jesus: A Year of Daily Devotions in the Psalms by Tim Keller $10.99.

Kindle Books

Theology in the Context of World Christianity: How the Global Church Is Influencing the Way We Think about and Discuss Theology $4.99.

Daniel: Trusting the True Hero by Sean Michael Lewis $2.99.

Comeback Churches by Ed Stetzer


For the more romantically inclined here’s a neat video about the Lord’s leading of Nancy Leigh DeMoss into an unexpected marriage to Robert Wolgemuth. And if you go here, you can find a link to a video of last week’s wedding.