I came to Do More Better looking for better tools. I came away from the book with something unexpected – how to Do Less Better.

Like Tim, I’ve been obsessed with productivity for years; always on the lookout for the next organization app, the next to-do list, the next email system, the next project management system, the next time management plan. But that could only take me so far. Often it simply meant I became more and more efficient at more and more pointless tasks.

Not so long ago, I began to question my whole approach to productivity and I’d begun to inch towards how to do less better. The first four chapters on Purpose, Call, Responsibilities, and Mission, cleared my fog and enabled me to take a quantum leap in crystallizing why I am here on this earth, and how I should decide what to do (and not to do) while I’m here.

In essence, Do More Better helped me (and will help me) to Do Less Better. It clarified God’s call on my life, what I am to focus on, and why and how to say “No” to good things in order to say “Yes” to the best things.

It may be that you already have that clear. If so, the second part of the book will be more helpful to you. But don’t skip the first chapters just because they seem more theoretical and less immediately helpful. It will take you less than an hour to read, but may redeem hours, weeks, and maybe even years of your life.

And if it is tools you’re looking for, buy Do More Better and you’ll never need to buy another productivity book – ever. Having read most of these books, I can assure you that Do More Better is the simplest, most concise, most comprehensive, most practical, and most realistic productivity guide that I’ve encountered. I already use most of the software and systems recommended in the book, but that was only after decades of time-wasting trial and error. Buy Do More Better and save yourself a ton of time and money.