Here’s an excellent address on God without Passions delivered by Pastor Gavin Beers, a pastor in Ayr, Scotland. It doesn’t answer all the questions, but it’s an accessible treatment of an important subject. For more resources on this subject, see below. For more online resources on various subjects go to Online Resources.

Confessing the Impassible God (I) | Paul Helm

Confessing the Impassible God (II) | Paul Helm

My conversation with Jürgen Moltmann | Paul Helm

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Tis Mystery All, The Immortal Dies | Kevin DeYoung

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Still Impassible: Confessing God Without Passions

And a few books.

Confessing the Impassible God 

God Is Impassible and Impassioned: Toward a Theology of Divine Emotion

Does God Suffer?

God without Parts: Divine Simplicity and the Metaphysics of God’s Absoluteness