I was recently asked by a pastor friend for some resources on pastoral visitation. Here are some online resources I’ve collected over the years and some book recommendations. For more online resources and book recommendations on numerous subjects, click here.

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A Normal Week of Pastoral Ministry

A Normal Pastoral Visit

Tips for Hospital Visiting

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Visit the Sick: Ministering God’s Grace in Times of Illness by Brian Croft

Pastoral Visitation: A Pocket Manual by David Short and David Searle

Serving in Church Visitation by Jerry Stubblefield.

There are also good chapter-length treatments in pastoral theologies such as:

The New Pastor’s Handbook: Help and Encouragement for the First Years of Ministry by Jason Helopoulos

The Pastor’s Book: A Comprehensive and Practical Guide to Pastoral Ministry by Kent Hughes and Douglas O’Donnell.

Practical Wisdom for Pastors: Words of Encouragement and Counsel for a Lifetime of Ministry by Curtis Thomas

On Being a Pastor: Understanding Our Calling and Work by Derek Prime and Alastair Begg

The Reformed Pastor by Richard Baxter

The Christian Ministry by Charles Bridges.