Is There a Sweet Spot? | Aimee Byrd, Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals
“I’m not an academic. I’m a housewife theologian. But what is the point of the work academics are doing? Is it just to impress one another, keeping their research and learning within the walls of the academy? Will we ever make a difference that way? Particularly when it comes to theology, I would think the endgame is to have much of this knowledge trickle down into the homes of the ordinary Christian.”

Will Following Jesus Make You Liberal? | Jim Hamilton, For His Renown
“Susie Meister has explained how studying religion made her a liberal, with the result that she left the right, stopped voting Republican, and started voting Democrat. I want to provide an accurate summary of her concerns and try to provide the kind of things I would say in response if I knew her: if I was a trusted friend, her brother, or her pastor.”

The Spiritual Disease Ravaging Our World |
“Affluenza is a spiritual disease that is ravaging the modern world. It is similar to every other disease in that we can accurately diagnose it by its telltale symptoms.”

The “Hate Speech” Card | Matthew Holst, The Christward Collective
“The cross enables us to receive the most severe criticism and correction from brothers and sisters. In the Gospel, what is often labeled ‘hate speech,’ is God’s great ‘love speech’ to us. The ‘hate speech’ defense is alive and well in the church. Let’s be mature enough to get rid of it by realizing that we have received the greatest of all criticisms at the cross.”

4 Reasons Your Leadership Suffers When You Cheat Sleep | Michael Hyatt
“Effective leadership depends on high executive functioning. Unfortunately, the part of the brain responsible for that functioning–the prefrontal cortex–can’t manage when we short our sleep. That means our organizations suffer when we decide to burn the midnight oil.”

7 General Suggestions for Handling Stress in Life and Leadership | Ron Edmondson
“The world is stressful. And, as I view the world, it is not getting any easier. There seems to be little relief in sight. If anything, life seems more stressful today than even a few years ago. It may be getting worse – not better. I’ve written about the subject previously, but it keeps coming up in discussion, so here we go again. What should we do? How do we handle the stress of daily living?”

Governor John Kasich’s completely unacceptable remarks about religious liberty | Denny Burk
“I can hardly believe that it is coming from a man who is a self-professed evangelical and who claims to understand evangelical interests. Here is where he is wrong.”

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