Sanctification By Faith in the Threatenings | Patrick Ramsey, Meet the Puritans
“Not everyone, however, agrees with the sanctifying use of the threatenings. There are some people who have argued that fear of punishment is not a sound motivation to Christian holiness. ”

Marital Intimacy Is More Than Sex | Josh Squires, Desiring God
“One of the keys to reconnecting is understanding that intimacy is a multi-faceted thing. In fact, there are five different types of intimacy and it is when we keep all five functioning can we have marriages that feel profoundly connected.”

2016 National Conference: Audio and Video Now Available | Ligonier Ministries Blog
“All of the messages from this conference-including the pre-conference and special youth seminar-are available for you to stream for free on, the Ligonier app, or YouTube.”

Mom and Dad, Your Job Is Not Over | TGC
“There are very few griefs for a parent greater than a child who turns away from the gospel faith in which they were raised. The anxiety and fear is difficult to put into words-it feels helpless, hopeless and often very, very lonely.”

Keeping Anxious Thoughts at Bay | Whitney Johnson, HBR
“Of course, anxiety isn’t always bad – sometimes it’s a whetstone, honing the sharper edge we need to perform well and successfully achieve our goals. But disorder sufferers should seek professional assistance, and everyone can benefit from a few simple techniques that help keep anxiety at a manageable, even productive level. When I work with coaching clients, I offer these suggestions as a way to start…”

The Magic of 30-Minute Meetings | Peter Bregman, HBR
“Five years ago, after becoming frustrated with my fruitless tendency to juggle multiple activities at once, I tried an experiment: for one week, I would not multitask and see what happened.”

These Are The Long-Term Effects Of Multitasking | Vivian Giang, Fast Company
“Being constantly connected may keep you from getting fired, but making time for deep work is what will get you promoted.”

How Leaders At Google, BuzzFeed, And More Make Decisions | Lydia Dishman, Fast Company
“Fast Company took a look at the decision-making process of a few well-known CEOs to tease out some of their best practices.”

Kindle Deals

What Would Jesus Ask?: 10 Questions That Will Transform Your Life by Jim Dixon ($0.99)

Jesus Unmasked: The Truth Will Shock You by Todd Friel ($2.99)

Breaking Busy: How to Find Peace and Purpose in a World of Crazy $2.99.

Praying God’s Word for Your Husband $0.99. You probably won’t agree with everything in this but you’ll get some good ideas to freshen and hopefully empower your prayers.


IFWE Student Video Contest Winner Starts Her Own Business
I love reading about young and talented entrepreneurs like Paige, a High School student who recently won the  Institute for Faith and Work’s video contest.

And here’s a sample of Paige’s work.