What exactly is Puritan Theology? – Reformation21 Blog
“‘Puritan’ has been co-opted by many Reformed evangelicals to mean ‘whatever I think is good, noble, and true’.”

April’s Meet the Puritans Resource – Meet the Puritans
April’s Resource is J.I. Packer’s well-known “Introduction” to John Owen’s classic work, The Death of Death in the Death of Christ.

10 More Ridiculous Responses To My Latest Pregnancy
This is funny. I could add a few myself from when my wife became pregnant with our fifth child aged 47.

“But when you already have three kids, ages six and under, you shouldn’t underestimate people’s ability to shock you with their responses. Here are the top 10 that have caused me to pause in just these first 10 weeks of our latest pregnancy.”

Exercise Makes Our Muscles Work Better With Age – The New York Times
“To keep our muscles healthy deep into retirement, we may need to start working out more now, according to a new study of world-class octogenarian athletes. The study found substantial differences at a cellular level between the athletes’ muscles and those of less active people.”

And just in case you actually get to retirement…

“No, You Can’t Retire” | Chris Wiles
“Retirement is a pretty cool idea, the thought of being able to enjoy 20, 30, or even 40 years without working is the societal equivalent of utopia. Unfortunately the math doesn’t work. It hasn’t worked for the last several decades, and it certainly doesn’t work now. ”

Seven Subtle Symptoms of Pride | Desiring God
“In his essay on undetected pride, Jonathan Edwards points out seven sneaky symptoms of the infection of pride.”

Kindle Books

True Friendship by Vaughan Roberts $2.99.

The One True God by Paul Washer $2.99.

How to Read the Bible in Changing Times by Mark Strauss $3.99.

Perfect English Grammar by Mark Barrett $1.99.

New Book

Family Worship by Don Whitney $6.15. See video below.


An Interview with Don Whitney on Family Worship | TGC
Justin discusses the why-to’s and the how-to’s of family worship. I was especially encouraged by Don Whitney’s reflection on his family’s experience of family worship.