The Jewish Intellectual Who Predicted America’s Social Collapse | Bruce Ashford, TGC
“The great American sociologist Philip Rieff (1922-2006) stands as one of the 20th century’s keenest intellectuals and cultural commentators. His work was stunning in its intellectual breadth and depth. Rieff did sociology on a grand scale-sociology as prophecy-diagnosing the ills of Western society and offering a prognosis and prescription for the future. Although he wasn’t a Christian, his work remains one of the greatest gifts-even if a complicated and challenging one-to Christians living today. ”

How the Psalms Speak to Our Emotions | Christina Fox
“…But the Psalms do more than just mirror our own heartaches. They aren’t simply there to provide catharsis or help us know that we aren’t the only ones who have suffered.I n fact, there is much more that we can learn from the Psalms, especially the Psalms of Lament, those dark, sad, and emotion laden Psalms many of us turn to when life is hard and the future seems dark and bleak.”

5 Reasons You Need the Westminster Shorter Catechism | Andrew Conway, TGC
Five reasons why the Shorter Catechism is worth engaging.

A Note to Ph.D. Students: Here’s What We Are Really Looking for in a Job Interview | Michael J. Kruger, Canon Fodder
We’ve just gone through this hiring process for our new PhD program at PRTS. This is great advice.

Responding to the Moral Whiplash | Erik Raymond, TGC
“As Christians we wake up, read the news, and yet again get whiplash. ‘What in the world is going on?’ And more importantly, ‘What do I do?’”

Feeding on Christ The Least Attended Church Gathering | Nicholas Batzig, Feeding on Christ
Four reasons why the prayer meeting is so neglected.

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4 Ways to Help your Teenagers Discover Their Identity In a Confused World | Tim Challies