4 Bigger Repercussions of the Bathroom Decree | TGC
Trevin Wax: “The latest developments have bigger repercussions that we also need to consider. We need to take a step back and look at what the White House guidelines signify about our culture.”

Potty Politics: Patience in the Midst of Legislative Turmoil | Reformed African American Network
John Richards, offers a legal analysis of the recently released Department of Justice guidance letter to public schools regarding transgender access to public school bathrooms.

I Feel Sad Sometimes, And It Doesn’t Go Away | The Blazing Center
“I’m not an expert on depression or dark nights of the soul, I’m just a guy who is trying to love Jesus when I can’t explain why I feel sad….To fight it, I usually try to think in six categories. Read them with yourself in mind, or perhaps to discover categories to help people around you. ”

A Confession of Liberal Intolerance –
Surprising admission from Nicholas Kristof: “We progressives believe in diversity, and we want women, blacks, Latinos, gays and Muslims at the table – er, so long as they aren’t conservatives.”

Accountability for Pastors – 10 Reasons Why It Is Paramount
“Accountability for pastors and leaders matter because our influence leaves many in its wake. Our responsibility, whether we are ordained pastors, church employees, or lay church leaders, requires a level of accountability to protect ourselves and the flock we serve. Simply, accountability is that system we either create or submit to that keeps our darker nature in check as leaders.”

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