What happens when the military chaplain is shaken by war – The Washington Post
Whatever the spiritual condition of this chaplain, his story of trauma reminds us of the need to pray for chaplains and those they serve in the armed forces.

British Christianity isn’t dying. It’s sleeping. Evangelism can awaken it
The stats are grim but hope stays strong.

10 Phrases Every Leader Should Use More Often
“As a pastor and speaker on Dave Ramsey’s team, I’ve had the chance to speak to church leaders across the country. I’ve met some amazing leaders. Recently, I’ve been reflecting on what makes a pastor effective. A big part of it? Word choice. It’s so simple! I love that. So check this out: Here are 10 phrases that pastors should add to their vocabularies. ”

Pastor Through Presence
“One-on-one pastoral care is time-consuming and inefficient. And yet, proximity is an important factor in pastoral care.”

John Knox: Christ Was at the Center of His Life
“From the first page to the last of John Knox’s written works, the reader is brought relentlessly back to the source of Knox’s greatness: Christ was at the center of every dimension of his life. It is this, and this alone, that made Knox mighty in his weakness.”

State leader quits ACLU after daughters were ‘visibly frightened’ by men using women’s restroom | LifeSite
A left-wing ACLU leader quits after her children suffer from ACLU policies. She said “the ACLU has become a special interest organization that promotes not all, but certain progressive rights. The “hierarchy of rights” the ACLU chooses to defend or ignore based on who is funding the organization’s lobbying activities.”

Math: Christian Songwriters Love ‘Grace’ But Often Ignore ‘Sin’ and ‘Judgment’ | RELEVANT Magazine
“The analytics gurus at Nate Silver’s have confirmed with math something that Christian music fans have long-suspected: Mainstream Christian pop is ” unrelentingly cheerful.”


Here’s my review of Indescribable, a book that left a deep mark upon me.