6 Theses on Online Writing and Civility | Jake Meador, Mere Orthodoxy
The challenging subject of online civility.

Songs of Exile | Alexi Sargeant, First Things
More comment on the research into the imbalance in modern Christian songs.

13 Reasons We Need Church History | Matthew J. Hall, TGC
“The church of Jesus Christ remains, as always, a people called to faithfulness in this age as they await Christ’s return and the consummation of his rule in the age to come. Church history is part of that labor of both remembering and anticipating—of living between the times. We tell the truth about the past, give thanks for God’s grace, and repent of sin and failure. But we do it all through the eyes of faith and gospel hope.”

Taking Back Christianese #1: “The Christian Life is All about Being Transparent and Vulnerable” | Michael J. Kruger, Canon Fodder
“Our purpose in this post is simply to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of this phrase.  We will do this by as king three questions:  (1) Why do people use this phrase?  (2) What is correct or helpful about this phrase?  and (3) What is problematic about this phrase?”

Four Ways for Fathers to Engage at Home | Jeremy Adelman, Desiring God
“The impact that engaged fathers have on significantly reducing at-risk-behavior in their children has been well documented. Additionally, fathers who are physically and emotionally engaged lead to increased cognitive development, emotional health, and positive peer-relationships in their children’s lives. This pattern points to God’s design for families to function with men as active participants, not passive observers.”

The Real John Knox | Thomas Kidd, Reformation21

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