4 Ways to Reach a Child’s Heart by Richard Phillips | Ligonier Ministries Blog
Rick Phillips says a godly father plants four good things in the hearts of his children.

  • The seeds of his own faith in Christ.
  • A longing for truth and goodness.
  • His hopes and dreams for the godly man or woman the child will become.
  • His own confidence that the child has all the gifting and capacity needed to serve God faithfully in whatever way God may genuinely call

The Two Words Fathers Should Say to Their Children | Joe Carter
Here are three ways your own spiritual habits can be used as a model for your children:”

Orlando Shooting: Jihadist Terror Blamed on Innocent Christians | National Review
David French: “American Christians are responsible for things they don’t believe. Sharia-observant Muslims, by contrast, aren’t responsible for the things they do believe.”

Seven Deadly Progressive Education Myths – The Federalist
Here are six of them:

  • Learning facts interferes with developing understanding
  • Teacher-led instruction is passive
  • Because of 21st-century changes in technology and in the economy, students must be taught differently
  • We should teach “transferable skills” such as critical thinking rather than content knowledge
  • Projects and activities are the best way for students to learn;
  • Teaching knowledge is indoctrination.

“To Do” vs. “To Be” – Biblical Woman
What does a “To Be” list look like? This article doesn’t really get off first base in terms of application but its core point is an excellent insight that we can all develop further

“It’s Going to be an Issue.” Biola and Religious Liberty
Biola University, located in Southern California and one of the country’s most well-known and prestigious evangelical colleges, now finds itself arguing for its right to be evangelical. The state legislature is seeking to amend a non-discrimination law which would stipulate that the only schools that can be granted religious exemptions to the non-discrimination statutes are schools that exist for the training of pastors and theological educators.

Don’t Get Surprised by Burnout | HBR
Love your work? You’re at much greater risk of burnout. 

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This Girl With Down Syndrome Just Graduated High School with 3.7 GPA