William Ames’ Exhortation to Students of Theology | Danny Hyde, Meet the Puritans
“Since theological seminaries have recently held graduations and a new class of students will soon enter, I thought it would be a fun exercise to write a post on ‘the learned Doctor’ William Ames’ advice to theological students. ”

The Counterintuitive Appeal of Christian Morality in a 21st-Century World | Trevin Wax, TGC
“As the Sexual Revolution wreaks havoc in the lives of people around us, we have the opportunity to proclaim the Scripture’s moral clarity–not as a barrier to the faith, but as the beacon of light in a morally chaotic world.”

Eight Time Drainers of Pastors and Staff (and Seven Solutions) | Thom S. Rainer
“What if I told you I could help you get 10 or more hours of your week back? That’s like having an extra three weeks a year. In order to make this quest a reality, let’s look at some of the greatest time drainers of pastors and staff, with suggestions about improving each of them.”

My Friend Was Like Grass | Jon Bloom, Desiring God
“A day is coming when we will know the epic story of this quiet, grass-like man has always been far more thrilling than the best novels and the greatest films. We will marvel at our former dullness, having ever considered such a thing ordinary.”

The FAQs: Supreme Court Rules on Texas Abortion Case | Joe Carter, TGC
“In one of the most significant rulings on abortion in decades, the Supreme Court ruled on Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt in a 5-3 decision to overturn state laws designed to regulate abortion clinics in a way that would protect women’s health.”

Abortion Forever | Rod Dreher, The American Conservative
“The bottom line, it seems to me, is that the Supreme Court will never let any state restriction stand meaningfully in the way of the Sexual Revolution. Ever. No federalism, no democracy, not when it comes to defending the Sexual Revolution.”

Kindle Books

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The Pastor and Counseling: The Basics of Shepherding Members in Need by Jeremy Pierre and Deepak Reju ($3.99)

Pursuing Peace: A Christian Guide to Handling Our Conflicts by Robert D. Jones ($2.99)

Love Your Enemies: Jesus’ Love Command in the Synoptic Gospels and the Early Christian Paraenesis by John Piper ($2.99)

Boundaries in Marriage by Henry Cloud and John Townsend ($1.99)

America the Strong: Conservative Ideas to Spark the Next Generation by William J. Bennett and John T. E. Cribb ($3.99)