4 Reasons Preachers Must Find Their Own Voice
“In his classic book, Lectures To My Students, Charles Spurgeon wrote, “Scarcely one man in a dozen in the pulpit talks like a man.” This is a problem all too common today. Some preachers feel inclined to take certain routes in their sermon preparation, leaving them to be very unnatural in their delivery, as if they are trying to be something, or someone, else.”

The Intellectual Roots of the Sexual Revolution
Succinct excellence, as usual, from Al Mohler

The Pastor’s PTSD
“When I compare a pastor’s pain with PTSD, I am not equating church stresses with the terrors of war. But when you get inside the causes and symptoms of PTSD, you can find parallels.”

How the Percentage of Americans Who Go to Church Every Week Is Changing
Well this is pathetic, especially when you consider the lengths people go to to get to kids sporting events.

“A new survey suggests the logistics of going to services can be the biggest barrier to participation—and Americans’ faith in religious institutions is declining.”

Help Me Teach the Bible: Rosaria Butterfield on Teaching with Openness, Unhindered
Nancy Guthrie and Rosaria Butterfield discuss teaching the Bible to people who are angry and skeptical, yet wanting to discover if the Bible is credible, what has to say, and what it demands.

What Causes Us To Worry?
This is a wonderfully balanced and holistic look at the factors that contribute to worry.

Kindle Books

God and the Nations by Henry Morris $2.99.

Relationships: A Mess Worth Making by Tim Lane and Paul Tripp $2.99.

Beneath the Surface: My Story by Michael Phelps $1.99. A bit dated but a good weekend read for $1.99.


Sanctification and the Christian Life: A Google Hangout with Sinclair Ferguson and Burk Parsons