On Disciplining Abusers And Protecting The Sheep
Some good basic advice here on the church’s responsibilities in a situation of marital abuse:

The church is to care for orphans and widows (James 1:27). An abuser has essentially orphaned his children and abandoned his wife. He has turned his vocation as a caregiver and protector on its head and corrupted it. Where the husband is meant to be a source of strength and safety, he has become weak and a source of fear and violence. If so, the church must step up and step in. Wives and children of abusers must be able to see in the church a refuge, a place of safety and help. Abused church members are the most vulnerable of all of Christ’s lambs and to them we owe a duty of special care and protection.

26 Apps All College Students Should Use
You might find one or two that could transform your semester.

This Simple Chart Can Help You Get A Grip On Your Tech Addiction
Another that could transform your studies.

Learning Repentance from the Psalmist
A broken arm and conviction of sin:

The excruciating pain in my arm was my body telling me something was wrong. Our emotions function in a similar way for us.

Why Man and Woman Are Not Equal
It’s not what you think:

Woman is the most powerful living force on the globe. She creates, shapes, and sustains human civilization. The first step in weakening her power is to convince her that she must overcome her femininity. This, ironically, is precisely what the most vocal strains of feminism have advocated. Yes, woman should have equality in the workplace, in politics, and in the public square. But to render her more like man in order to accomplish this, and to judge her womanliness a hindrance to her ascendancy, is to get things exactly backwards. It is to treat her as much less than she truly is.

Target Reports Sluggish Sales Following Restroom Controversy
Am I wrong to take pleasure in this? They haven’t had a penny of mine since their decision but I don’t think that accounts for the full extent of the losses.

Stocks fell 5 percent after America’s second-largest retailer reported a loss of quarterly sales for the first time in two years—down 7.2 percent.

Kindle Books

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Disability and the Gospel: How God Uses our Brokenness to Display His Grace by Michael Beates $2.99.

The Life of God in the Soul of the Church: The Root and Fruit of Spiritual Fellowship by Thabiti Anyabwile $2.99.

Finishing our Course with Joy: Guidance from God for Engaging with your Aging by J I Packer $3.99.

New Book

Married for God: Making Your Marriage The Best it Can Be by Christopher Ash.

Many people get married without ever understanding the real purpose of marriage—which leads to disappointment, dissatisfaction, and conflict. This raises the obvious (but often unasked) question: What is the purpose of marriage? Helping readers reorient their view of marriage so that they see it as part of God’s grand plan for the universe, this book offers a refreshingly God-centered explanation of one of the most foundational human institutions that exists. Christopher Ash helps us see that personal fulfillment is not the goal of a good marriage, but rather the by-product of a union focused first and foremost on glorifying God in and through everything. Only then will husbands and wives truly experience the joy that comes from loving and serving God together.


HISD assistant principal shares inspirational story: From gang life to new role
Tristan Love is one of Houston ISD’s youngest assistant principals ever. It’s an astonishing accomplishment, considering the 26-year-old was once an active gang member.