Older, Restful, and Reforming
Jared Wilson reflects on 10 years of “New Calvinism.”

Seven Tips to Address Mental Health Issues in the Church
“One in five people in your church will suffer from mental illness in their lifetime. You will have few people who have not been directly or indirectly impacted by mental health issues. With so many individuals impacted, church leaders need basic knowledge to handle these issues effectively. Church leaders do not need to be experts in psychological functioning, but they do need some basic knowledge in order to offer support to individuals struggling in the church. Here are seven basic pointers that every church leader should consider when dealing with mental health issues:”

The Attraction of Idolatry
Kevin DeYoung uses the golden calf narrative to explain our fatal attraction.

Is Seminary Really Necessary?
“Is seminary really necessary? Might it be better to get straight into ministry instead of expending so much time and effort in preparing for ministry?”

10 Free Online Preaching Resources
“A roundup of some of the web’s best free preaching resources. Includes seminary lectures, podcasts, audio mp3s, and a few video series.”

Why I’m Glad We Marched and Wish We Hadn’t
An African American pastor walks us through his spiritual and pastoral struggle with the Black Lives Matter marches.

TV historian: “I was wrong about Christianity”
“Tom Holland, the TV and radio historian and author of the prize-winning Rubicon, says he had the completely wrong idea about Christianity. Holland realised that his false ideas about God had been cultivated in him by the works of Edward Gibbon and other writers of the Enlightenment. He now sees Christianity as a revolutionary idea which has changed the world, and calls it the “principal reason” behind many of our most deeply-held values.

Kindle Books

The World-Tilting Gospel by Dan Phillips $0.00! “Free” is a crime for such a great book. Here’s what I wrote before about it:

One of the best “popular” presentations of the Bible’s message and theology I’ve come across. By “popular” I mean accessible and enjoyable. Dan has not written just to pass on facts, but to stir our feelings, and prod us into vigorous response. The language is fresh, pacey, gripping, sometimes combative, and often startling.

Experiencing the Trinity: The Grace of God for the People of God by Joe Thorn $3.99. My previous endorsement:

“Here’s gospel gold emerging from the furnace of affliction. Truth that’s been lived becomes life giving as Joe comforts others with the comfort with which he has been comforted by God. I hope and pray that these beautiful meditations will do you as much good as they did me.”

Our Triune God: Living in the Love of the Three-in-One by Phil Ryken $4.99.

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