What Makes a Leader? | HBR Video
“Emotional intelligence sets great leaders apart from the rest. Learn to recognize it in yourself and others with this 7 minute video slide deck.”

Get Your Free Guide to Interpreting Proverbs | LogosTalk
If you have Logos, you can get Tremper Longman’s How to Read Proverbs totally free!

Leadership Training Begins in the Home – Ron Edmondson
“After planting and pastoring a church in New England for the past twenty-five years and watching other well-known leaders rise and fall, I am convinced that a biblical principle is overlooked by many: Leadership training begins in the home.”

How does a pastor fight through the “Preaching Hangover” | Practical Shepherding
Brian Croft with five suggestions for fighting through the fog on Monday morning.

Seven Reasons You Should Not Indulge in Pornography | Themelios from The Gospel Coalition
From Themelios:

You should not indulge in pornography for at least seven reasons: (1) It will send you to hell. (2) It does not glorify God with your body. (3) It is a poisonous, fleeting pleasure. (4) It foolishly wastes your life. (5) It betrays your wife and children. (6) It ruins your mind and conscience. (7) It participates in sex slavery.

Feeding on Christ Low Expectations… – Feeding on Christ
Nick Batzig asks: “Why do multitudes of men and women settle when it comes to the ministry of God’s word? This question obviously has more than one answer.”

Teacher Post in Scottish Christian School
There are very few Christian School in Scotland. This is one of the few and it’s looking for a new teacher.

Are you interested in helping provide a distinctively Christian Education for children?  There is currently a vacancy for a class teacher to teach P6-7 in a small class setting (currently 8 pupils) in this reformed Christian School on the Isle of Lewis.  The newly renamed Providence Christian School offers a warm family atmosphere, full parental support and friendly enthusiastic pupils.

Salary is £14,000 per annum, with possible relocation package. Other benefits may be available.

Further information and application forms available from (01851) 810037/ (01851 704148) and

Kindle Books

Tactics: A Game Plan for Discussing Your Christian Convictions by Gregory Koukl $2.99.

Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus: A Devout Muslim Encounters Christianity by Nabeel Qureshi $4.99.

Recommended Book

Child in the Manger by Sinclair Ferguson. Read my brief review here.


How to encourage honesty about sin without excusing it