New Research Debunks The Claim That Your Beliefs Can Kill Gay People
Talk about fake news!

“It has become a well-worn and largely unchallenged truism in gay politics: If gay and lesbian people as a whole have poorer rates of mental and physical health and attempt suicide at dramatically higher rates than the general population, it’s because of anti-gay attitudes. Many of us working in this field are accused of this regularly.” Here’s the National Review’s take on the same subject: Social Science: Gay Study on Longevity Doesn’t Add Up.

What Do They Know? Learning From “Secular” Leaders | Crossway
I’ve never understood why this should be so controversial.

“When we hear something that rings true about the Father’s world in the voice of an economist or community leader, our ears should perk up. That truth was revealed by God’s common grace.”

Crash-Proof Ministry
Don’t forget to re-fuel:

“On Monday a passenger jet took off from Santa Cruz, Bolivia, headed to Medellin, Colombia. It never made it. It crashed eight miles short of the airport killing 71 people aboard, including members of a soccer team from Brazil headed to Medellin for participation in the finals of a soccer tournament. The reason for the crash? The pilot decided to skip a refueling stop in Bogota, thinking he could make it to his destination. That decision was fatal. The jet ran out of fuel, faltered, and fell. That incident serves as a tragic parable for something far too many pastors experience. Amidst the busyness of their schedules, they go and go and go without refueling, ignoring God’s call to find rest and replenishment in Christ.”

Pastor, Pastor Your Family | LifeWay Pastors
“If a pastor isn’t careful, the success of his ministry could mean the failure of his family. Satan would love to see both fail but he’ll settle for your family. He doesn’t have to have either one. It is possible to have both a healthy family and a thriving ministry. But there are a few traps pastors should watch out for. Here are two.”

Seekest Thou Great Things for Thyself? | Themelios from The Gospel Coalition
Don Carson counsels young pastors and theological students about the dangers of ambition.

“Probably it’s a sign of my advancing years, but not infrequently a young pastor or a theological student asks me the question, “What choices did you make to get to where you are today?” I fear I always have to disabuse the questioner. No one is more surprised than I am at the turns my life has taken.”

Wondering if You’re the Next Pastor to Fall | For The Church
The fact that there are so many posts on this topic recetnly reveals something, doesn;t it?

“A week rarely passes without feeling the tremor from another leader’s tumble. Reading the reasons (which include abandonment of community, refusal of accountability, and misplaced identity) reminds me of how often this list appears when high profile pastors are laid low. These conditions then invite a mob of sins to loot the home and set the soul on fire.

240 Marriage Communication Topics | Brad Hambrick
Here are some conversation-starters for stagnant and silent marriages.

Recent Research on End-of-Life Issues Reveal Holes in Our Theology | The Exchange | A Blog by Ed Stetzer
“67% of Americans agree with the statement, “When a person is facing a painful terminal disease, it is morally acceptable to ask for a physician’s aid in taking his or her own life.” This is a shockingly high number. More disturbingly, however, are these numbers: among faith groups, more than half of all Christians (59%) agree with the statement, as do 38% of those who profess to be Evangelical.”

Annie Glenn and Other Famous Stutterers | First Things
If you are particularly close to a stutterer who struggles to get past roadblocks in his or her speech, this book would be a kind and generous gift. It’s an inspiring bunch of stories, and a gift of hard-earned wisdom from its author.

Can Christian Men and Women Be Friends? | Desiring God
I’m probably more cautious than optimistic on this subject but this is a careful case for cautious optimism.

“Once the risks of a male-female friendship have been considered and weighed, we can ask the question, “Can these risks be mitigated?” Can humility and honesty, community and accountability, protect us from the looming consequences, and allow us to enjoy the good that can come from these friendships?”

Kindle Books

When the Darkness Will Not Lift: Doing What We Can While We Wait for God by John Piper $4.99. Love this book.

Engaging Exposition by Daniel Aiken and others $2.99.

Why Everything Matters by Phil Ryken $2.99. One of my favorite expositors of Scripture.

Faker: How to live for real when you’re tempted to fake it by Nicholas Macdonald. Suitable for all but perfect for teens by a unique writing talent.


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