How To Work Only 40 Hours A Week This Year
If you plan your day well, 40 hours should be enough time to get your job done.  Digital detox is a key component of this.

What Do Historians Do with Primary Sources?
A look behind the scenes of historical research.

7 Keys to an Effective Church Social Media Strategy
Like any other ministry in the church, social media needs planning (a strategy), people (someone in charge), and a purpose (measurable goals) to be effective.

One Thing I Did Right in Ministry: “I Started a Book Table”
Tom Ascol explains how starting a book table started a quiet revolution in his church.

John MacArthur’s Ten Crucial Lessons We Must Teach our Children
Lessons from Proverbs 1-10.

National Geographic Trans Cover Champions Child Abuse, Junk Science
“Cross-dressing a young boy is emotional and psychological child abuse and should be stopped, not celebrated on the cover of magazines like National Geographic.”

The Bleeding of the Evangelical Church
Paul Wells prophetic voice continues to call the church to repentance.

Kindle Books

Help My Unbelief: Why Doubt Is Not the Enemy of Faith $2.99.

In Defense of Jesus: Investigating Attacks on the Identity of Christ $0.99.


How has your preaching changed over the years?
Gives all of us hope.