How to Take Responsibility after a Major Mistake – Michael Hyatt
What does it mean to take responsibility after a major mistake? Here are four steps anyone can follow to get things back on track.

When You Feel Dead On The Inside
10 excellent diagnostic questions here:

“So what do you do when you feel dead on the inside? What do you say to your loved ones when they feel this way? I’ve found that people who reflect on the following 10 diagnostic questions find the life and energy they’ve been missing more quickly and deeply than those that don’t. The way you answer these questions will determine what steps you need to take next.

A Cancer Within Evangelical Christianity
Phil continues his series on spiritual abuse:

There is a serious problem within protestant evangelical Christianity. We love right preaching and teaching more than we love right living. We love power and authority more than sacrifice and submission. We love honor over humility. We love being led by popular leaders who make us feel good more than following the despised and rejected One—who has no “beauty or majesty to attract us to him.” (Isa 53) We want King Saul over young David.

6 Types of “Dangerous Charisma”
Good follow-up to previous article:

Charisma is often defined as “compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others.” But that type of charisma can be dangerous. We have seen leaders known for their charisma lead people in horrific directions or crumble because their own inner health was woefully inconsistent with their external persona. Here are six types of dangerous charisma:”

Times of Stress, Times of Opportunity
This review of Thomas Friedman’s new book, Thank You for Being Late: An Optimist’s Guide to Thriving in the Age of Accelerations accomplishes what few book reviews do — it makes the book irresistible.

Let’s Stay: A Prayer for Suicidal Young Men
According to the most recent large-scale study by the Center for Disease Control, 78% of Americans who kill themselves are male. (It is also noteworthy that suicide is the second leading cause of death among Millennials.) Why are so many men killing themselves?

3 Simple Words That Can Help Your Sermons Stick
This perfect Monday morning read for pastors highlights a simple practice every pastor can do on Monday that can help yesterday’s message have the impact you want.

Striving to Escape the Fall
Nick Batzig challenges the common failing of making secondary issues primary.

Marathons, mud runs, CrossFit, Yoga, diets, non-GMO and gluten-free foods, Christian financial programs, anti-vaccination and homeschooling have–each in their own way–taken over the driver’s seat of the lives of so many in the church. While all of these things, in and of themselves, may be good things and have their proper place in a believer’s life, they often hold too prominent a place.

Kindle Books

You won’t find better value this week than these three books for $11.

Family Driven Faith: Doing What It Takes to Raise Sons and Daughters Who Walk with God $3.99.

Give Them Grace: Dazzling Your Kids with the Love of Jesus $3.99.

The Shepherd Leader at Home: Knowing, Leading, Protecting, and Providing for Your Family $2.99.