Sleep-Deprived Judges Dole Out Harsher Punishments
“Research indicates that sleep deprivation impairs ethical judgment and behavior. And the research literature indicates that sleep deprivation leads to errors in decision making that the decision makers are oblivious to.

Ten Ways Pastors Can Be Bad Bosses
“So what is the difference between a good pastor boss and a bad pastor boss? We will address the good pastor bosses later. For now, I will share with you our conversations with those who served under bad pastor bosses. Here are the top ten complaints we heard:”

Seven Recommended Books on Preaching – Credo Magazine
“Recently, God gave me grace to preach my 500th sermon as the pastor of my church.  In light of this, I thought I might briefly point you to seven books on preaching I heartily recommend.  Listed in order of ascending commendation, here’s the countdown along with a brief word about each:”

Where Is God When Things Keep Getting Worse?
“I buried my precious son when he was two months old because the doctors made a mistake. Six years later, I was diagnosed with postpolio syndrome, a debilitating condition that will eventually require that I have full-time care, unable to do the simplest things for myself. And then six years after my horrifying diagnosis, my husband left our family, moved away, and later filed for divorce. Those years are still a blur to me. Just as I was coming to terms with one calamity, the next one came raging through. I wondered how I could handle yet another blow.”

Introverted Pastors
How extraversion became an American ideal.

3 Ways to Make Time for the Little Tasks You Never Make Time For
“No matter how productive we become, we’re never going to permanently rid ourselves of low-value work. By following these strategies, we can at least handle it more efficiently and leave more white space in our days for the projects that are truly meaningful.”

On My Shelf: Life and Books with Joel Beeke
You won’t find many reading diets like this.

Kindle Books

The Lion and the Lamb $1.99. Described as “an ideal resource for college students and others interested in knowing the essentials of each New Testament book.”

Eight Twenty Eight: When Love Didn’t Give Up by Ian and Larissa Murphy $1.99.

Why Believe the Bible by John Macarthur $1.99.


Productivity and Leadership in the 21st Century: A Live Interview with Tim Challies and Chris Larson