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Rod Dreher warns:

If I posted every story I heard about the devastating effect pornography is having on Christian individuals, couples, and families, it would overwhelm you. It is impossible to guarantee that your kids will never see it when they’re young, but for pity’s sake, do you have to make it easy for them by giving them smartphones?

9 Things That Are Still Great About Facebook Despite Everything
Especially #1-6:

  1. Facebook Allows You to Find People You’ve Lost
  2. It Provides a Community You Might Otherwise Not Have.
  3. Opportunities to Practice Good Discourse and Manners
  4. Facebook Provides Opportunities for Prayer
  5. Facebook Allows Closer Contact with Extended Family
  6. It Helps Spread the Word about Causes You Care About

It’s A Problem Literature Reading Is Low. ‘Digital Temperance’ Can Help

We cannot discuss growing apathy over reading without considering the impact technology has had on our tastes. The most obvious way we see technology shape our reading (or lack thereof) is in the distractions and amusements it presents.

Over-Consumption of Internet Media | Thinking Out Loud
Whether it’s Facebook or internet porn, it’s really easy to spend sections of your day staring at your device, be it phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. There are general principles from scripture I think we do well to remember; these can give us guidance regardless of which type of addiction you’re dealing with.

  • Self-Control
  • Mind, Thoughts and Heart
  • The Stewardship of Our Time
  • Shifting Values
  • Misdirected Worship

I Am iPhone: How Our Tech Endangers Our Relationships
“Certain family therapy theorists maintain that when you are working with a couple, there are always three people in the room to consider: the man, the woman, and the relationship itself. The more I have begun to work with couples, the more I’ve realized that this maxim is actually a half-truth. There are three people in the room, but far too often the third ‘person’ is one partner’s smartphone.”

5 Warning Signs for the Church in a ‘Facebook Culture’

Here are a five characteristics of a “Facebook culture” we must reckon with as believers:

  1. Short Attention Span/Limited Learning Style
  2. Low View of Authority/Overfocus on Equality
  3. ‘Surfacey’ Interactions/Artificial Relationships.
  4. Lack of Physical Presence
  5. Low Commitment/Accountability

Internet Boundaries for Kids: 6 Tips for Online Safety — GRACE
There are many ways parents can help keep their children safe online, by creating healthy, clear boundaries:

  1. Keep computers, tablets, and any other electronic devices in the public spaces of your home.
  2. Teach your children basic safety procedures online.
  3. Use the features already available to you on your devices.
  4. Set clear rules for your home and family.
  5. Explore software options.
  6. Be involved.

Losing our humanity: Technology’s increasing authority in our lives | ERLC
“While technological advances are a great gift from God, they can and will be abused because we are broken and sinful. We have the innate ability to take the good that God gives us and manipulate it in an attempt to glorify and set ourselves as gods over our lives.”

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The Tech-Wise Family: Everyday Steps for Putting Technology in Its Proper Place by Andy Crouch

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