7 Ways to Fight Distraction in Prayer | Gavin Ortlund, TGC
“Distraction can be a huge hindrance in our prayer life, but I’m also discovering it provides an opportunity for growth. Here are seven strategies for fighting and harnessing distraction to deepen and direct our prayers.”

Ten Reasons It Is More Difficult to Be a Pastor Today | Thom Rainer
“…it is indeed more difficult to be a pastor today than earlier years. At least ten major issues led to these challenges.”

Advance! Priorities for Young Christians | Tim Challies
“Over the course of a number of articles I’m titling ‘Advance!’ I want to consider what Jesus accomplished in these years of silence, and I want to show how they were crucial to who he would become and what he would accomplish. From the life of Jesus, I want to encourage young Christians to make the most of their teens and 20s by advancing first in accomplishments of character. Many young Christians have a noble desire to change the world and to do great things, but in most cases God intends to first change them and to do great things in their hearts and minds.”

Advice to Young Adults Living at Home | Barry York, Gentle Reformation
“I would like to offer some advice to young adults living at home, be they students returning for the summer, graduates who have come back to the nest for a while, or those in their twenties who have never left. Having my own adult children under roof at various times and hosting their friends in the same situation, I have observed a thing or two about this phenomenon. ”

Do You Exercise for the Wrong Reasons? | David Mathis, Desiring God
“Precisely because ‘we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them’ (Ephesians 2:10), we want to cultivate our bodies so that they are a help, rather than a hindrance, in the cause of love.”

10 Tips to Make Your Presentations More Productive | Time Management Ninja
“Crafting an effective presentation is hard work. And it takes time, effort, and practice. It is definitely a learned skill. While I cannot instantly make you a top presenter, I can provide you with some of the basic do’s and don’ts that will make your presentations better.”

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