Should Pastors Use Social Media?
I loved this paragraph by Tony Reinke:

Someone recently asked me, what’s the one takeaway from writing your book on smartphones, about technology and the future of Christianity, and I think it’s this point. The average, ordinary local church plays a significant role in the counter-cultural resistance movement against the most corruptive trends we now face in the digital age. The local church is precious! That’s the summary of three years of research and writing and I hope is an impactful point readers take from my new book.

The Best Way To Avoid Pastor Burnout? Equip The Saints
“Neither information or inspiration is enough. Pastors need to help congregations turn it into perspiration.”

Only Jesus Can Answer Our Call for Personal Identity
We are not what we consume. We are not what we achieve. We are not what others think. We are who we have been chosen to be: children of God!

Christ’s Help for Sabbath-Keeping
“No other day in history has been so set apart and specially blest: make sure that on the Sabbath, you fellowship with His flock, listen to God’s voice, come away with Christ.”

Do We Need to Raise Tougher Children?
“Parents do not need to manufacture challenging circumstances for their children to learn; life produces plenty of them. However, parents do need God’s wisdom on when to let their children endure a difficult situation.”

Is There a Silver Bullet of Sanctification?
Nine perennial candidates that tempt us to think, “This one thing is the secret key that will unlock your Christian life!”

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