Baker who refused to bake cake for gay wedding on The View
As Denny says, this is a generally helpful and enlightening interview. Apart from a few mocking comments, the discussion was surprisingly calm and balanced.

Military Cases of Conscience
Nick navigates the increasingly complex ethical world our military chaplains are serving in.

Three Obstacles to True Rest
Michael Kelley writes:

Rest is not necessarily sleep; it’s not necessarily increased leisure; it’s not even necessarily inactivity, though all of those things matter. Rest goes deeper. Rest is a state in which we live which we can only enter into through the gospel which tells us that because of what Jesus has done on our behalf, we can, at last, stop striving.

Five Reasons Why Steve Jobs iPhone Presentation was the Best Ever
The original iPhone presentation had all the elements of a great story: heroes and villains, twists and turns, and humorous sidebars.

How The Gospel Transforms Teenagers Like Me
A teen reviews Jaquelle Crowe’s new book for that age group.

Singleness, Dating, and Marriage Infographic
A graphical presentation of Crossway’s research into dating and marriage.

Lloyd-Jones: Make Room for the Cross
A retired minister approached a young Lloyd-Jones and said, “The Cross and the work of Christ appear to have little place in your preaching.” Read this article to find our Lloyd-Jones’s response.

Kindle Books

Date Your Wife by Justin Buzzard $2.99.

Understanding the Bible by John Stott $1.99.

Taking God at His Word by Kevin DeYoung $3.99.

How to Read the Bible for all it’s Worth by Gordon Fee


Brian Croft’s Crazy First Five Years at his Church