3 Things You Will Never Hear Me Say in a Counseling Session | Suzanne Holland, Biblical Counseling for Women
Suzanne breaks down 3 common “positive thinking” statements and instead shows us biblical responses.

Announcing a New Online Home for Tabletalk Magazine
My favorite Christian periodical.

Signs Of Danger Mean Time To Flee | Leslie Vernick, Christ-Centered Counseling
“Here is an acronym DANGEROUS that I developed to help counselors and people helpers to quickly discern the level of physical danger someone might be in. Please read it through and see what else might apply for you.”

Why We Must Emphasize A Pastor’s Character Over His Skill | Tim Challies
“So many Christians could be spared so much trauma if only their churches would refuse to put a man in leadership who is lacking such character. So many congregations would be spared so much pain if only they would remove men who prove they don’t have the kind of character God demands. This failure to heed what God makes plain is a terrible blight upon the Christian church.”

My 7 Most Productive Habits | Mark Dance, LifeWay Pastors
“Any pastor who wants to be productive needs a good plan. Last week I shared my seven least productive habits, so today I will show how I have turned those same bad habits into better ones.”

New Books

Confessing the Faith: A Reader’s Guide to the Westminster Confession of Faith by Chad Van Dixhoorn. Chad’s wife, Emily, also put together an accompanying study guide.

Particular Redemption by John Hurrion

Creation And Change: Genesis 1.1-2.4 in Light of Changing Scientific Paradigms (Revised & Updated) by Douglas F. Kelly