• Eliza

    Hi! I am working on implementing a Bible reading plan with the GEMS girls I teach at my church. They are 7th graders, and I’m just wondering if you think this would be too simple for them? Last year I did the 365 Day Bible Reading Plan, but it seemed like a bit too much for them so I’m trying to find something that will encourage them to actually be reading their Bible, and not just one verse with a page of stories and a little bit of practical applications. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

    • David Murray

      Hi Eliza, I used it with my ninth-graders and they learned a lot! It’s big aim was to be do-able.

  • Christine

    WONDERFUL to see the final result of your work on this project! I purchase books for our (Vineland FRC) church for Sunday School. Each Christmas all children get books (and we have over 100 children ages K-6!). I have a request in at Reformed Book Services for 50 books! I am thrilled that our oldest 3 classes will be getting this book for Christmas. Much appreciated!

    • David Murray

      That’s great to hear! Thanks.