Survey: Being a Pastor’s Wife Is Good for Faith, Bad for Friendship
Some positives in this report:

“Overall, pastors’ spouses see their family’s ministry involvement as a good thing; 90 percent say it has had a positive effect, according to LifeWay. More than half commit to regular family time at least once a week to avoid burnout and rest together. While some spouses suffer anxiety, depression, and resentment tied to the pressures of being married to a pastor, most report being generally happy and satisfied with their lives. They view themselves as happier than their peers (74%) and see their work as valuable to the ministry (88%).”

Closely Connected Care
In the aftermath of the hurricanes and other disasters, does the Bible offer any guidance on what our priorities should be in the face of so many competing needs?

Entitlement Will Rob You of Rest
“If entitlement is so dangerous, and often so subtle, how can we fight it? I recommend three steps to move from a spirit of entitlement to a spirit of rest: diagnose your heart, remember your God, and imitate your Savior.”

Popular Author Stumbles — What Should We Do With His Books?
Helpful answer here from John Piper:

If a writer does move in a seriously defective direction doctrinally or morally, we have good reason to reread what he has written and be on the lookout for the seeds and trajectories that might give some explanation for why he went in such a wrong direction.

Should We Pull the Plug on Cable News?
One of many insights from this piece by Trevin Wax:

Could it be that the reason Andy Crouch’s cultural analysis is so astute and Piper’s devotional and exegetical writing is so compelling is because they don’t spend time in front of the screen?

The Overcommitted Church
“Many churches have become too busy for their own good. They have so many activities, programs, events, and services that they are wearing out their congregations. Here is the irony. Most of the activities in these churches were started with a noble cause to make a difference in the congregation and the community. But the members became so busy they don’t have time to connect with people in a meaningful way. The overcommitted church has become the ineffective church. So how did our churches get in this predicament? The causes are many, but here are seven of them:”

An Abundance of Counselors
“The Lord himself is our great Counselor. In addition to his word and the work of his Spirit within us, he uses people to aid us in making wise decisions. There are at least two ways in which the “abundance of counselors” principle should be applied in our lives:”

4 Ways Pastors Can Help With Mental Health
Most pastors I know prefer serving on the prevention side of mental health. In all honesty, we are not adequately trained to assess, much less diagnose, many mental health issues. Here are four proactive ways we can help lead a mentally healthy ministry.

Kindle Books

Have a look down this page for some wonderful commentaries at $4.99 each. I almost always consult these when preparing sermons.