Have we Christians made Marriage too Complicated?
Here’s a thought-provoking post.  It jives with much of my own experience.

Can Leadership Be Learned?
Ed Stetzer says yes.

“There is an old phrase, “Leaders are learners.” I think that is true, but would add you can learn your way into leadership. Most pastors I know have had the same experience over and over. They’ve not learning, but just repeating the experience of the last year or years. So, get some books. Do some reading. Get a mentor. Leadership can be learned if we will be learners.”

Descriptions and Prescriptions
An interview with Mike Emlet about his landmark new book.

When it comes to issues of psychiatric diagnoses and medications it is too easy for Christians to go to one extreme or the other. That is, to either grant too much authority to psychiatric classifications and solutions for people’s problems as though Scripture is irrelevant for issues of mental distress. Or to dismiss them altogether as though medical science is irrelevant for issues of mental suffering in Christians. I wrote this book to present a nuanced “third way” between those two extremes that is grounded in Scripture, does justice to human beings as embodied souls, respects the role of scientific inquiry, and suggests compassionate and wise ways to minister to those who are struggling with mental illness in our churches.

Bigger Thoughts
Jared challenges us to expand our thoughts and words.

“The challenge is clear: to train our minds and hearts to think bigger and better thoughts about God. To read authors who take us to new heights of theological devotion. To be around Christians who are smarter and wiser than we are. To preach sermons that strive for both simplicity and profundity. To be churches where young Christians are comfortable but mature Christians frequently challenged as well. Which is all to say that we need to be people of the Word of God because only the Bible manages such a feat.”

Truth I’m Trying to Hold Onto
Mike’s list of therapeutic truths would be good for everyone to print out and keep in front of them.

“I’m going through a rather dark season of the soul. At times it’s just my depression talking and kind words are being filtered through a wickedly unhelpful lens. And at times it’s just that I’m enduring criticism on a daily basis for something or another. And I’m usually right there in the crowd yelling, “crucify him”. And so when my feelings are all jacked up I try my best to meditate upon things that I know to be true. “

Hell Is Not Separation From God
Contrary to what you may have heard, and even said:

“Whatever the exact nature of this everlasting judgment, it is horrible ultimately for one reason only: God is present.”

Kindle Books

Running on Empty: The Gospel for Women in Ministry by Barbara Bancroft $1.99.

Taking Hold of God: Reformed and Puritan Perspectives on Prayer by Joel Beeke and Brian Najapfour $2.99.

Developing A Healthy Prayer Life by James Beeke $2.99.


What is depression?
Here’s a TedEd video with some good background info on depression. Most staggering fact: “According to the National Institute for Mental Health, it takes the average person suffering with a mental illness over ten years to ask for help.”

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    I wish Horton would have addressed 2 Thess. 1:9, which is where we get the idea of separation from God.