Benefits of Singing Psalms | Gentle Reformation
“Turns out you can have something that’s pretty good but not really realize and enjoy all the benefits. So it is with singing Psalms. ”

Conversations through 95 Theses – Defining “Psychology” and “Secular Therapy” | Brad Hambrick
Brad Hambrick continues to remove the nails from biblical counseling’s “95 Theses.” As a number of biblical counselors have pointed out to me privately over the past week, many, if not most, biblical counselors do not support the tone or entire content of these “95 Theses.”

“A document as significant as Dr. Lambert intends for his 95 Theses to be should have more precision and clarity on key terms like “psychology” and “secular therapy.” Based upon the level of repetition that exists between many of his other Theses, space for this precision could have been created by eliminating redundancy.”

Conversations through 95 Theses –Evidences for/against Biblical Counseling
And another in the same series:

“I am not opposed to biblical counseling becoming the kind of movement that could make the arguments that Dr. Lambert tries to appeal to in his 95 Theses. Actually, I am very much for it. But at the current time, I do not believe we are in a position to make these arguments and should display greater humility and polemical integrity until we are.”

Scripture Is Our Personal Trainer | Counseling One Another
“Scripture is our personal trainer for life and godliness. ”

5 Reasons Counselors Need to Cultivate Humility | Biblical Counseling Coalition
“If we wan t to be effective counselors, we will need to emulate Jesus by cultivating this same humility. Jesus had the impact He had, in part, because of His humility, and humility will make us better counselors. There are at least 5 ways our counseling will benefit from cultivating humility in our own lives.”

Biblical Preaching: Supernatural, Not Magical
It’s great to see Dan Phillips getting the opportunity to write at the politics and news site P J Media. You can support his voice there by clicking on the links, reading, and sharing his content. In How to Hear God’s Voice, the second in this two-part series, he gives ten ways to help us hear God’s voice in public worship.

The Upward Call – Don’t be afraid of the big bad medication
“We need more women like Shona who will share these things with us. It helps to remove the stigma of this struggle. If we’re ashamed, we might not seek help, and that can’t be good for us or our families.”

The Stupidity of Sin | TGC
“Everyone who knows the Bible, knows people, or knows his own heart, knows this to be true: sin makes us stupid.”

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