Bible Gateway recently interviewed me on helping kids to read the Bible for themselves. Here are the questions they asked me. Click through for the answers.

Is it correct to assume that parents don’t read the Bible to their children as often as they should?

Why is it important for parents to read the Bible to their kids and to model the reading of the Bible for their kids?

How can parents establish a routine of Bible reading?

What should parents do when their children ask them questions about the Bible that may be difficult to answer?

What should the goal be for parents who want their children to establish themselves in the Bible?

How does your book help 6-12-year-olds get into the Bible?

What is a favorite Bible passage of yours and why?

At the end of the interview I was asked “Is there anything else you’d like to say?” here’s my answer

Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, the famous London preacher, once advised Sunday school teachers that whatever else they taught their students, they had to communicate joy and excitement in their lessons. He said that the children may not remember all the details of what they taught, but if they consistently conveyed their own delight in and enthusiasm for the Bible, the children would be “infected” by that and pursue Bible study themselves.

As we read the Bible with our kids and encourage them to read it themselves, let’s make sure that whatever else they remember, they remember our joy. Bible reading is not a “should-do” but a “get-to-do.” We get to hear God’s voice speaking into our lives for our good and the good of others.


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