How does food expose the activity in a pastor’s soul?
“Pastors, be honest with the place food has in your life. It took me thirty years before I was honest about it. It will always be a battle for me. I assure you, the soul will continue to languish in the pain and sadness that exists that food tries to cover. Remember, God’s grace will meet you in that place of openness and honesty and will give you strength to walk in self-control and victory with the snares that food brings. It will create a space in your soul that will bring the relief and peace that you truly seek.”

The Effective Leader: Five Essential Habits
“What I’ve discovered in studying effective leaders is that they demonstrate consistent disciplines or habits that build the foundation for their success.”

On Writing Books and Getting Published
ots of helpful advice here from Kevin DeYoung.

10 types of thinking that undergird depression-anxiety
“There are styles of thinking that are highly prone to cause and perpetuate depression-anxiety. The first step for someone to stop biting their nails is to realize they are doing it. Likewise, an important step in overcoming depression-anxiety is to recognize these patterns of thought as they are occurring.”

The Power of De-Conversion Stories: How Jen Hatmaker is Trying to Change Minds About the Bible
“De-conversion stories are designed not to reach non-Christians but to reach Christians.  And their purpose is to convince them that their crusty, backwards, outdated, naïve beliefs are no longer worthy of their assent.  Whether done privately or publicly, this is when a person simply gives their testimony of how they once thought like you did and have now seen the light.”

The Benefits of Listening to the Elderly
Sweet little story.

Kindle Books

The Son of God and the New Creation by Graeme Goldsworthy $3.99.

Work and Our Labor in the Lord by James M. Hamilton Jr. $3.99

Marriage and the Mystery of the Gospel by Raymond C. Ortlund Jr. $3.99

The Book on Leadership by John F. MacArthur $2.99.