A few thousand years ago, God sent his people into Babylonian exile where they had to live in a culture that was extremely hostile to them and their faith. Yet God called them to continue to seek the good of the land, to have children, and parent them for his glory (Jer. 29:4-14).

Although we are not in physical Babylon, we are very much living in digital Babylon, an all-pervasive digital culture extremely hostile to the Christian faith and true spirituality. I believe digital Babylon is at least as dangerous as historical Babylon. Historical Babylon slew its thousands but digital Babylon its tens of thousands.

Although hundreds of thousands were taken into Babylonian captivity, seventy years later, when God called them to return to Israel, only several thousand actually did so. The rest had been thoroughly Babylonized over the years. If we want to avoid that in digital Babylon, we need to clearly identify the digital dangers we are facing and the damage they are doing.

This is vital because those who do so and can get digital technology under control are going to be uniquely placed to excel – intellectually, relationally, vocationally, educationally, and financially. There is no surer way to stand out and gain a massive “competitive advantage” in every area of life, relationships, and work.

But control (or lack of it) of our devices is also the biggest determinant of our spiritual health, growth, and usefulness. If we want to grow in grace and in the knowledge of Jesus Christ, we must grow in digital self-discipline

I’m 100% convinced that there’s nothing more important for individual Christians than to get digital technology under control. I really mean that. This is going to make or break our Christian lives, our families, and our churches for decades to come.

This is a multi-dimensional problem with multi-dimensional solutions. It’s going to require some eye-gouging and some hand-amputation (Matt. 5:29). It will involve much putting off and much putting on (Eph. 4:22-24). But life on the other side of this will be so worth it that we may eventually look back with shock and horror, asking one another, “What. Was. I. Doing?”

Over the coming days, I’m going to be highlighting how digital Babylon threatens this generation

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