The Missing Word in Our Modern Gospel
“There’s a word missing from the presentation of our modern gospel. It’s the word repent. Yeah, I know, that sounds old school, like an embarrassing sidewalk preacher with a sandwich board and cheap tracts with bad graphics and lots of exclamation points. And yet, even a cursory glance at the New Testament demonstrates that we haven’t understood the message of the gospel if we never talk about repentance.”

I have forgotten how to read
“For a long time Michael Harris convinced himself that a childhood spent immersed in old-fashioned books would insulate him from our new media climate – that he could keep on reading in the old way because his mind was formed in pre-internet days. He was wrong”

Does It Bother You That God Barred Moses from the Promised Land?
“Numbers 20 doesn’t bother me anymore. It challenges me, as God always intended it to. I’m thankful for the warning this story provides. I’m thankful also that even in this act of judgment, God’s heart of holy love shines.”

5 Reasons Emotional Intelligence Is so Important for Leaders
“Emotional intelligence is the extent to which someone is able to understand, filter through, and leverage his or her emotions in order to accomplish a task.It is an interpersonal, intangible set of abilities. And whereas your IQ is a constant, EQ can be developed and increased. ”

Gather Your Seashells while Ye May
How Don’t Waste Your Life inspired a generation to limit theirs.

Mass Shootings, Mental Illness, and Local Church Ministry
“Yes, I believe the church should have a more active voice in the conversations around mental illness, but it is unwise for a church to begin talking about mental illness in the immediate aftermath of these kinds of tragedies.

Kindle Books

What Happens After I Die? by Michael Allen Rogers $2.99.

Killing Calvinism: How to Destroy a Perfectly Good Theology from the Inside by Greg Dutcher $5.78

The Absurdity of Unbelief: A Worldview Apologetic of the Christian Faith by Jeffrey D. Johnson $0.99